Monday, September 25, 2006

Windows Mobile + Feature Pack Rules!

I'm out here in Boston for the SBS User Group Tour, and we have a little panic. Apparently now I'm supposed to be doing the presentations for Vista and Office above and beyond SBS R2. Hrm, problem, because I don't have the hardware/software combo to demo it (laptop needs to be XP, because Vista RC1 has a driver bug for this specific video card on outputting to the external monitor... kinda needed for presentations).

My User Group Lead, Scott, says "Oh, we'll just call Blah Blah" at the Microsoft office here in Redmond, she'll hook us up, oh wait, I don't have her phone number here".

Out comes my shiny Windows Mobile Phone, I click Contacts, then Find Online, type in her last name and click Find.

.... At *blazing* edge speeds, her contact information comes directly down to my phone, I open it, click on the work number and the phone is ringing!

Did you hear me? It's ringing! No 411, no Operator, no "call to the buddy back at the office", it's just ringing!

I leave a voice mail, she calls me back, we had the presenter mixed up and I'm off the hook. I still had to bost about Windows Mobile 5 with the Feature Pack.

Rock on!