Monday, September 25, 2006

SBS UG Tour - Thank you New England!

Well, Just finished wrapping up the New England User Group event. Thanks for hosting! I had a great time presenting, and believe the content of the whole night went really well.

So, as promised here are the questions that popped in my head as questions that were asked that I wanted to make sure the world got answers for:

Q: If I run SBS at work, and SBS at home, how can my laptop be used on both networks? do I use the http://homeserver/connectcomputer wizard?
A: No, if you have more than one domain, pick the domain you want the computer to spend the most of it's time in. This domain will manage that computer with patches, software, policies, security etc. Every other domain you acquire an IP address from is considered a "public" network to that laptop. When wishing to access resources on that other domain (provided you have access to it) you need to cache your credentials in your domain profile for your work network. To do this you can access \\homeserver\users and click "remember my password", or you can do it the more robust way, by going into Control Pannel, Users Accounts, Advanced Tab, Manage Passwords button. In here you can add the domain account for your 2nd or 3rd domain to automatically pass these credentials for access to these sites.

Q: How come Outlook 2003 has to be running in order for Exchange 2003 SP2 IMF to filter junk email?
It doesn't. My guess as to what's happening is the Exchange IMF filters are set lowers than Outlook 2003's filters. There is a relationship between the SCL index of Exchange and the SCL (High/Medium/Low) of Outlook 2003. On my home server, I have EXTREMELY rare false positives with 7 to permanently delete and 3 to move to junk email. I probably get two peices of junk in my inbox a month, and one real peice of email in my junk email box a month, pretty good levels if you ask me. As I mentioned tonight, an SCL of 3 or 4 on Exchange, works out to a HIGH in Outlook, so plan accordingly and adjust these numbers over time! Don't make drastic changes!

Those are the two that stood out in my mind, if there are others New England, drop me a comment and I will answer them.

New York, see you tomorrow night!