Wednesday, July 12, 2006

... To Answer a Diva's Questions

I thought I'd take a moment out of my evening to answer Susan's Questions. She was kind enough to ask, so I will answer.

1. Has the Mrs. parked her domain yet?

That would be a no. Where the Internet is concerned, she lives vicariously through me. :) I'm the wild Internet man. :)

2. so.. what mean thing did your co-workers do to your office?

About that office decoration thing... You see, about 2 months before I left, an office mate (by the name of Marc) moved into my office. Then about 3 weeks before I left, the glorious server (known as Catfood) moved into my office. Options were limited, but creativity was high.

... The decorations continued, let me explain the specifics.

Exhibit 1

As you can see, everything "Canadian" was removed from my office (including my Canadian flag), and replaced with U.S.A flags and pictures. The "prison" door was placed over my window (Side note: this door was used on my manager's office when he got married, I can't really say who built it, but if you want the blueprints, let me konw). You can also see that my really sweet LCD is missing, which you get a better view of in the next Exhibit.

Exhibit 2

As you can see, the widescreen LCD is replaced by an overly deep 21" CRT monitor, and my Windows Vista Beta 2 desktop was attached to a super high (*cough*) quality 12" CRT, with courtesy prison bars on it.

Onward and Upward ...
Exhibit 3

You can clearly see the Windows Vista logon screen here, spanning a solid 12" monitor. Ok, maybe it's not clear, but it's working!

Finally, Exhibit 4
What office fun would be complete without...

... the replaced picture of the new wife with the stick drawing (quite a good replica of the actual picture I might add).

As you can see, the office decorations didn't imped on my co-worker Marc, nor did they prevent the function of our proud Catfood server. For those Canadian's out there, I did get my flag back in time for Canada Day.

Susan, you asked, hopefully this answers.


Sean Daniel said...

This is how my office was decorated when I returned from my marriage. Sorry it was confusing. :)