Friday, July 28, 2006

R2 recalled :(

Yes, it's true, R2 is recalled today

cnet reports it.

But in the end, it is infact the best thing for our customers.


misterorange said...

I'm pretty sure I'm running R2 here. What should I do about this announcement? Who do I call/contact to get a 'fixed' version?

What is wrong with R2, specifically, that it needed to be recalled? This is never discussed and I was getting some strange errors over this past week that caused me to, literally this morning, reinstall the entire server.



Sean Daniel said...

Keep your eyes on the SBS public website for more information, and I will post it here when it's available publicly. Our development team is working as fast as it can to address the problems we have. What I do know is there are no known security issues with the problems being recalled for, so you're still safe. In addition, an update for English folks will soon be on Microsoft Update.

Sorry I can't provide any more information at this time.