Sunday, September 11, 2005

To my Readers ... Thanks!

So, on Friday I attended the SMB Nation 2005 Conference here at Microsoft, I spent little time in the seminars, and most of my time at the SBS booth talking to our valued partners. I was surprised and shocked of how many of you had seen my blog and liked it. So I just wanted to write quickly to say thanks! It's always nice to hear that this is useful.

In addition, I feel somewhat bad for not posting as often as I used to. With the R2 version of SBS and the version that will ship on the tip of the Longhorn wave, there has been plenty to keep me busy beyond the normal business hours, and sometimes, blogging just doesn't reach the top of the priority plate. Or sometimes, I spend my entire day working on items I'm not able to blog about.

However, I am planning on blogging on these topics within the next few weeks
  • How to host multiple websites when running ISA 2004

  • How to build a secure wireless network using WPA encryption

So please continue to keep an eye here.