Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's Up? -- Instantly

I'm not a big fan of services, primarily because they have a recurring cost. I'm all about an upfront cost, with free use over time. But some services are just too cool to do without. Now if that service is free, it's a whole other story!

I wanted to share with you a service that I use, and it's totally free!
MSN Alerts

I use Alerts to get the deal of the day from Buy.com, you can get your sports scores from Fox Sports, virus alerts from McAfee, Traffic jams (which I believe is U.S. only :( ), stock alerts, news alerts, and my favourite XBOX LIVE alerts.

You can have them emailed to you, sent to your MSN Messenger client, or even your mobile phone as an SMS/Text message. I have the most important things (like my xbox alerts) sent to my mobile phone, so I never miss a match. :o)