Thursday, January 27, 2005

Microsoft and the Apprentice

I watch The Apprentice on NBC. This is the 3rd season and we're one episode in so far. The 2nd episode is tonight. Since watching the first episode. I've found something rather interesting out. One of the contestants for the show is a Microsoft employee!

That's right Verna from Seattle is actually employeed here at Microsoft. I'm not sure which way I'm going to vote now. When I first saw the breakdown ("Street Smarts" vs "Book Smarts") I was rooting (naturally) for the underdog: "Street Smarts". However, once I found out that Verna works here at Microsoft, my thoughts might just change to "Book Smarts" as who I'm rooting for.

Not that it matters much.

I mean once the teams get lobsided, Trump will re-allocate the teams to make it fair. But still the fact that a Microsoft worker wants to be Trump's Apprentice my interest was peaked. I'll have to watch her perform more closely tonight.

I also managed to find (with no great difficulty since it was linked from that last article) Verna's Home Page. Which is actually a good read.

Anyways, enjoy the show tonight. I hope Verna makes it into the final 4, but I've not decided if I want to continue to root for the underdog or not.


Anonymous said...

We just need to get an MS geek in American Idol and we'll be covered! :)


Sean Daniel said...

I know of a winner in the office next to me.