Friday, January 14, 2005

Using your AD Contact Objects

As you probably know by now, SBS 2003 hosts my family website and domain. Unfortunately it doesn't host all the email for all the family members. Apparently hotmail is just too familiar and set into the hearts of these folks.

So I had an issue, each person had an account, but the email address it went to, was not the one that they were checking. I turned to create Contact Objects.

To create a contact object, would do the following

  1. Open Server Management and expand Advanced Management, Active Directory Users and Computers, {Domain name.local}, MyBusiness, Users and selected SBSUsers

  2. In the right hand window, I would right-click on open space go to New and Contact

  3. Fill in the object data that appears in the window that opens and click Next (You can leave Display Name blank and it will display as FirstName LastName)

  4. On the Create an Exchange E-Mail Address page, click Modify... and select SMTP Address from the list and choose OK

  5. Enter the email address of the person (it can be any valid email address) and choose OK

  6. Click Next and Finish, your contact is created

Now you can include this contact in DLs (which happen to show up in the Create DL Wizard). This is really handy when you want to create distribution lists.

I've also added a "Contacts" Node to my Server Management Console, but I'll save that for another post.