Thursday, June 02, 2011

First Preview of Windows 8

If you’ve been living in a cave since yesterday afternoon, this video is for you. Director of PM, Jensen Harris, has revealed the first look at Windows 8.

Building Windows 8–Jensen Harris

Jensen talks about the “Tile” and “Multi-Tasking” designs of the Windows 8 new shell.  Using Tiles, similar to Windows Phone 7, allows for more space for the app to bleed out goodness (personality as Jensen calls it), and give you active views.

The other slick feature I liked was the multi-tasking, the ability to flip seamlessly between apps, or show two apps at the same time, something that the iPad doesn’t do today.

Finally, the “thumb mode” on screen keyboard is *amazing*, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to stretch your thumb to the middle of the screen… now designed for your thumbs….

Well, enough typing, check out the video!


Wallyb132 said...

Wow, Microsoft is really losing its way and losing touch with consumers.

Microsoft is whining in the news about people sticking with Windows XP and not upgrading, its going to be even worse when Windows 8 come out.

Windows 7 will be the new Windows XP.

Microsoft is their own worst enemy when it comes to customer and market share retention.

Apple must really love you guys, do they send you free ipods?

Unknown said...

I got to agree with you Wally. When I first heard of Windows 8, I thought it would revolutionize everything from casual use to corporate use and even web design west sussex. After seeing it and reading a little more about it, I'm convinced it's Windows 8 itself that needs a lot of changing.