Friday, March 11, 2011

CloudBerry Backup add-in now supports SBS 2011 Essentials and Windows Home Server 2011

CloudBerry Backup, a piece of software I have reviewed for Windows Home Server v1, has recently (February) released an update to support both the new Windows Home Server 2011, as well as the Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. 

CloudBerry Online Backup for SBS 2011 Essentials

For the most part, I liked CloudBerry, their software is a pay once, and according to their website, upgrade to the WHS 2011 version for free. 

The biggest problems I had with CloudBerry were

  1. The complexity of setting up the Amazon S3 account
  2. The cost of using Amazon S3

So really I think if you want to use Amazon S3 as your back-end, it’s a great solution.

You can pick up their Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Release Candidate, or their Windows Home Server 2011 Essentials Release Candidate.

I haven’t tried this version yet, but I’m surprised there is a price difference between SBS and WHS Versions.  The UI looks identical, and I know that the SDK they use to develop their version is identical.  The costing is called out on this webpage, but it really doesn’t say what Small Businesses are getting on top of the WHS product for a pretty hefty difference in price.

If anyone knows, drop it in the comments below.


Alicia said...

nice blog. marvelous one... SBS 2008 rocks.