Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SBS Diva talks about not being afraid of the cloud

Susan Bradley talks about how partners shouldn’t be afraid of the cloud, but yet embrace it. Video courtesy of VarVid.


Aaron Booker of Varvid had a nice sit-down with Susan Bradley, known as the SBS Diva, at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2010. Susan made a point to emphasize how important it is for VARs to upgrade their SBS Competency in order to stay attractive to customers and hopes that partners will not overreact to some of the comments on the cloud frenzy… Susan and Aaron talked about Aurora, SBS v7, and lots more.

For what it’s worth, Susan updates her blog from a laptop seemingly from the 1920s, an an extinct Cingular wireless card:



Steve Banks said...

Hey, that's not any old laptop, that's her ancient Tablet PC that she keeps upgrading and is now running Windows 7 (sorry, no Windows Aero support). Our resident bean counter is improving her ROI with every keystroke. :-)

legitimate work from home said...

I wish I could upgrade now to Windows 7 too. I'm jealous with that laptop now :)