Friday, May 07, 2010

Calling All Developers–Windows Home Server “Vail” needs you!

Do moreA few weeks ago, we released the Home Server codename “Vail” public preview.  Along with that came a software development kit.  Like Windows Home Server version 1, the product is extensible, and we need add-in developers!!  We’ve put a great deal of effort into the improvement of the extensibility of the product. 

Over on the Home Server blog, Dileep, our Development Lead talks about how to jump in and get engaged.  Keep your eye on the official blog for updates as it is a planned series to help you get involved.  If you want to jump straight to the SDK, you can download the complete set of information here (You will have to sign in to Microsoft Connect site).  Any questions can be posted in the developer forum.

UPDATE: See what others are saying about the SDK.


Touch Typing Software said...

Windows Home Server is a great product to use and it is highly user friendly. Congrats and good luck!

Richard Majece said...

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Oliver said...

Probably a month ago, on the site we introduced the Home Server codename “Vail” for public preview. There was a software development kit also. The question arises that is Australian writings legit? Like Windows Home Server style 1, the item is extensible, and we want to include -in developers.  We’ve also put a lot of energy into the development of the versatility of the product.