Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How to enable “GodMode” in Windows 7

Ever wish you could just get to all the configuration changes in Windows with one folder, instead of going back and forth in the Control Panel? Well, now you can.  Elegant Code has a blog post on how to do this.  Here’s how:

  1. Create a new folder on your desktop
  2. Name the new folder:

This gives you a new folder with a nice icon:


Opening this folder gives you the giant list of configuration items that span across all of the control panel and such.  Giving you ultimate access to configuration aspects.  I only have tried this running as an Administrator on the system. 

And just as a reminder, “God” is not considered a strong password to protect your system, so don’t let this go to your head.  ;o)

UPDATE: Looks like ZDNet gets to the bottom of all the GUID mode shortcuts.  Their post is here, including:


Yves Gourle said...


Take care, this tip makes your sbs 2008 explorer to crash.
At least with the French version of the OS (tested on physical and virtual SBS with same result)

Wallyb132 said...


This is awesome, thanks for the tip!