Thursday, December 17, 2009

Understanding and Set Up of Remote Access to your Windows Home Server

Hi, I’m Sean Daniel, and I’m a Program Manager who works on Windows Home Server and Windows Small Business Server. I am one of the team members that works on Remote Access, and I wanted to blog today about setting up and understanding remote access in Windows Home Server, as well as call out a few “gotchas” to be careful of.

Let’s start with the basics.

Windows Home Server provides so many functions for the local network, it’s easy to overlook that it also provides an extended set of features for when you’re not at home. While Windows Home Server attempts to make this set up process as easy as possible, but some users still hit issues that the Home Server can’t predict.  I’ll address those issues at the end of this post.

Understanding Remote Access

Before we set up remote access, let’s take a second to understand what’s going on. Think, for a second, as the Internet as … Read more at the Windows Home Server Team Blog.