Thursday, September 10, 2009

OEMs ratchet up the competition with SBS 2008!


it’s unusual for me to talk about prices and stuff on this blog.  But I wanted to call out some new competition in the market, get you thinking about buying from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  When you’re purchasing Windows Small Business Server 2008, it’s always good to at least consider one of the major OEMs that offer it as a package with the hardware, such as Dell or HP.  Both of them are offering a bundle for as little as $1,299.  I’m sure some of you with bigger businesses will opt for some more beefy hardware, but that’s at least an amazing starting point.

The Official SBS Blog has some more information on these prices and why you should consider SBS 2008.


SBITS.Biz said...

Please don't buy a SBS2008 server with 4GB of Mem, 8GB Min Please.