Thursday, April 30, 2009

SBS 2008 Updated Roll-up 2 (KB960911) Released


The Official SBS Blog has a new blog post on SBS 2008 Update Rollup 2.  This update fixes a few known issues discovered by our test team, as well as the general SBS community.  These issues are:

  • Issue 1
    • After you configure Windows Small Business Server 2008, you manually change the Favorites and Links setting for Internet Explorer in the default domain group policy by using the Group Policy Management console. When you run the Internet Address Management Wizard, the wizard exits unexpectedly.
  • Issue 2
    • You may receive the "HTTP ERROR 401.1" error when you visit the following Web site from Windows Small Business Server 2008: http://companyweb
  • Issue 3
    • In the Add a New User Account Wizard, the order of the Last Name field and the First Name field is reversed. This problem occurs in the following language versions of Windows Small Business Server 2008:
      • Chinese (Simplified)
      • Chinese (Traditional)
      • Japanese
      • Korean
  • Issue 4
    • In the Italian versions of Windows Small Business Server 2008, when you click Connect to a Computer in the Remote Web Workplace, you navigate to an invalid Web page.
  • Issue 5
    • The Windows SBS Console may stops responding if duplicate entries of Anti-Virus programs were reported in client WMI database.
  • Issue 6
    • The Windows SBS Console may report "unknown" for some firewall applications that are installed on client computers.
  • You can read and download the update manual by going to KB960911 directly.  This update also includes Update Roll-up 1 (KB958715).

    UPDATE: The SBS Official Blog has posted what they know about the failure to date.


    Anonymous said...

    When I try to install this update "Update Rollup 2 for Windows Small
    Business Server 2008 (KB960911)" I get the following
    "WindowsUpdate_000006BA" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"
    I ran update in the Run as Administer mode.
    This is on a SBS2008 fully patched box.
    Cheers Boris

    Anonymous said...

    We have 6 SBS 2008 installed, and same error WindowsUpdate_000006BA on each.
    Impossible to install Update Rollup 2

    Anonymous said...

    Same Problem here :-(

    I found no Infos to solve this.

    Any hints?

    Sean Daniel said...

    Thanks for your feedback. have either of you customized SharePoint at all?

    Anonymous said...


    SBS 2008 very classic. None of our customer use WSS.

    In fact, We had the sharepoint problem with http 401 after update WSS SP2. WSS Admin was not available either. We ran Wizard Product ans technologie WSS, this fixed the problem after upgrade WSS SP2. Then we can go back to WSS Admin, and we change authentification to Kerberos.

    Everything is now fine, except is is impossible to install 960911.

    You can join me if that help (we have 7 SBS installed with SBS 2008).

    Anonymous said...


    I too have been having SBS2008 KB960911 (update rollup 2) install problems from the day it was released. All other updates seem to install fine its just the update rollup 2 for 2008 that wont, I have tried all ways to install it all to no avail.

    I have spent that long on this issue I have now raised a ticket with Microsoft and at the moment even they are baffled, hopefully they will resolve it soon and I will post back with the solution.

    Has anyone had any joy yet??

    Sean Daniel said...

    The best source for information is the Official SBS Blog. Specifically they have identified the issue and work working on it. Here is one of the posts concerning UR2 installation failures.

    Anonymous said...

    Well.. Same problem with 961048 5 days after this one...

    Do you really think we have to behave exactly like MS people want?

    Here is what I need to do to install actually 961048 (was the same with 960911...

    Just because MS don't accept some people don't need remote.XXX. In fact, we use to access SBS from outside. And we don't want to move our external webiste ( So we don't need remote in front of our domain name. If you put back remote with IAMW, the patches run fine.

    Here is what I have to do for each SBS 2008 on 10 customer's server...

    Run IAMW, and leave remote (like
    Apply patch
    Run again IAMW and remove remote, putting back
    Put back the certificate
    Run Exchange console, change strategy to put back default domain to all users.
    Go to DNS, delete manually everything created from the first IAMW, not removed when rerun (
    Run IIS7, and delete links to, not removed!
    Go to GPO console, and change again and again URL http://companyweb for eg : Why IAMW put back that if we have changed ourselves?