Friday, April 04, 2008

How to Share your Calendar with External Folks

A couple of days ago, we were talking about fancy calendaring systems and the new Exchange 2007 "Rich Text" Out of Office message that can be sent, and we came across something so amazing, so incredible, so.... useful, it just had to be blogged.

This one comes courtesy of Becky, a co-worker of mine.

In our search for the perfect Out of Office message, we discovered a way to send your free busy information in an email to someone who can't normally see it (because they aren't part of the same organization....

Here's how to do it with Outlook 2007.

  • Crack open a new e-mail message

  • In the body of the message, click on the Insert tab on the ribbon, and choose Calendar.

  • Choose the date range you want to publish into the email:

  • And just like that, Outlook publishes your free/busy information into the email:

With this handy time saving tip, you'll be able to have people schedule meetings with you outside of your company, because they can get a snap-shot of you free/busy time.

Happy scheduling!