Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Microsoft Forum for the IT Pro!

If you don't know yet, Microsoft has brought on a new forum for the IT Pro. If you're familiar with the developer forum, Channel 9, and thought "it's just a wee bit too technical for my needs", then TechNet Edge is the place for you! The online insider forum for IT Pros!

The good news is, I just finished being interviewed by these guys, and have a little surprise about Windows Small Business Server 2008. They are in the process of editing the video, once it's live, I'll post a direct link on this blog, so you won't miss it...

... BUT!

If you want up to the second alerts, subscribe to the TechNet edge ZuneCast! And watch me at the mall!

All that good-ness, and videos about the bleeding edge technology Microsoft makes available to an IT Pro!

Seriously, who could ask for anything more?