Saturday, November 24, 2007

Un-Approving an Update.

I approved an optional update (KB929735) for my network (since all critical and security updates are automatically approved for me), and I ended up with something that wouldn't install! My reports forever had the yellow shield of patience.

Unfortunately, the patch I told to install wouldn't actually install on my desktop for which it was destined.

The first step of course was to try to install it manually. I downloaded the patch and attempted to install it manually, and it reported that it wasn't needed by my system. weird.

Well, since it was only an optional update, I decided to decline it for my network. To do this:

  • Open the WSUS native console (I'm using v3, so the v2 ones might be different)

  • Expand Update Services, Computer Name, Computers, All Computers and select Update Services client computers.
  • Double click on the computer that the patch won't install onto.

  • Click the next page button to go to the second page of the report

  • Search through the report for the KB that you want to decline.

    • I found it easier to change the filter on the top of the report instead of searching through the entire list

  • Click the Install word under Approval Summary for ...

  • Click the button in front of Update service client computers and select Not Approved

Then you can go back into the familiar SBS tools, and you'll see the patch again, this time you can decline it.

Once I declined the patch, I was returned to the green check of glory!

Hope this helps you if you've got a patch that won't install, but you can't get rid of it.