Monday, November 27, 2006

The Vista Update for SBS 2003

I've had a lot of questions about the Vista update that's coming to fix client deployment to work for Vista clients. Everyone by now has seen the How to run Vista RC1 on SBS. This post applies to Vista RTM (The final release bits) as well.

Unfortunately, the Vista Update for SBS 2003 (code named "RipCurl") won't be ready until Vista ships to consumer customers. Yes, I'm aware that Vista RTM is available to MSDN and other package subscribers today. In addition, volume license customers (enterprises, etc) will be able to get it within the week (November 30th is the date I've heard rumors of, no holding me to it though!). And In Jan/Feb of next year is when Vista and the Vista Update for SBS 2003 will be available to all customers.

I appologize for those SUPER early adopters (hey, because you're exactly like myself!).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Sean!! Yes I have been wondering about that.
Hopefully ISA client issues will be resolved as well?

Any thoughts on when the Companyweb on SBS will be able to be upgraded to WSS 3.0?

Sean Daniel said...

You're not the first to ask, but you do have the first comment.

I'm working on getting you an answer to that question, stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Now that Vista is launched (retail) and we are all in Feb07, where is the SBS2003 Vista patch!?!?!?

Any insight?

Sean Daniel said...

Hi Marshall,

I promise it's any day now, our team is working around the clock to get this to you. Management is even bringing in dinner for the folks working hard on this.


Anonymous said...

Is the patch out now??
Havent heard or seen anything solid

Is there an Updated ETA?

Sean Daniel said...

It sure is!