Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Running Vista with SBS Premium (i.e. w/ ISA?)

Hey Folks,

A little while back, I posted the Looking to run Vista RC1 on SBS 2003? blog post. Those step didn't include how to configure the network if ISA 2004 was involved.

Becky has provided me again with more steps, here they are:

Add this after the section for “Create your user and computer account on the SBS Server”

Before joining a client if ISA Server is running

  1. Ensure your Small Business Server has the ISA 2004 SP2 installed and running

  2. If you have x64 Vista clients, install the ISA 2004 hotfix from KB 917902. As stated in the KB, you need to call PSS to obtain this hotfix. (note, there isn’t a charge for the PSS incident to get this hotfix)

Note, if you are running the Premium version of SBS w/ ISA 2004, the ISA Firewall Client currently has compatibility issues w/ Vista. See KB article 911077.
  • Several of our most excellent SBS MVPs (thanks Cris and Susan!) have suggested running ISA Firewall Client in XP compatibility mode. It’s not a perfect solution, but does give you a temporary workaround. See Susan’s blog post for more info.


Anonymous said...


What is the word on Vista desktops on SBS networks? Are they totally compatible? Is there going to be a Service Pack for SBS to make it play nice with Vista clients? I haven't seen much info about Vista in SBS networks. Can you post something to clear it up?

Thank you.

Sean Daniel said...

The are totally compatable, check out my looking to run Vista RC1 on SBS 2003 link above in this post.

We are currently working on a refresh to the SBS 2003 product (Original and R2) that will update the client deployment infrastructure to work with Vista.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I noticed on my Vista RC2 that every time I logon to my SBS domain Vista needs me to input the admin user name and password to run the SBS setup command line. Is there a work around for that?

Anonymous said...

FYI the KB link is dead -

I did a KB search within the scope of Microsoft and confirmed that the article is not reachable by any URL.

Sean Daniel said...

Rich, you need to disable the user's logon script. :)

Essentially go onto the server, ino Server Management. Click on Users, and right click the user running Vista. On the Profile tab, delete "SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT.bat" from the Logon Script text box and hit apply, you shouldn't see that problem anymore.

Sorry for the dead link to 911077. It appears they have taken it down. Essentially they are going to be releasing a new version of the firewall client. Until that's release, you'll have to use IE Proxy settings.