Monday, December 12, 2005

Live Meeting for Support?

Trump knows where it's at. Two weeks ago, "The Donald" aired the episode of The Apprentice which showed Live Meeting as a great place to save time on travel, and have virtual meetings in which to collaborate and work together on digital documents.

What they didn't tell you is what you can use it for! Every techy should have an account with Live Meeting. Just the other day, my father was having issues with his XP client. Apparently some pop-up was happening saying that he should pay for the use of some videos. My father didn't know what they were talking about, and couldn't find the "I didn't watch any videos" button. Lucky for him, he didn't have his credit card handy. :)

For some reason, I could not get TS or Remote Assistance to work on his PC to help him clear up his spyware. Instead, I started a live meeting session, invited him into it, made him the presenter and then took asked for control of his desktop. With just the two of us in the meeting, I was able to control his PC through Live Meeting. I of course, removed the spyware, and installed the handy-dandy Microsoft AntiSpyware application to prevent this sort of thing happening in the future.


Absoblogginlutely! said...

Thats an expensive way of doing remote support - still i guess if you have the software/facility already....
Other options are the vnc-in-an-exe type thing that enable you to send someone to an exe file and they initiate a vnc connection with you.

Sean Daniel said...

mmm, another tool. It's good to know all the tools you have at your fingertips. Live Meeting works well when the person is behind a non-upnp router and the RDP ports can't be automatically opened.