Monday, November 14, 2005

Death in the Networking Family.

Thanks for all the kind words of those of you who want to drive by my house to pirate my wireless network. I appreciate the fact that I have some fans out there.

However, there are two things preventing you from doing this. (1), I haven't told you where I live, or which SSID is mine, and most importantly (2), my router got fried tonight, and as a result, I no longer have wireless at my place. My backup router is in place, and my wired connections is all I have.

Yes, this means no music downstairs and no XBOX LIVE tonight.

So, to those of you who are parked outside. Try another night. Sorry to disappoint. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Well... that was just too tempting! I was going to post a link to the VirtualEarth image of the roof of your house... but when I zoomed down to get a close enough shot, it went to BLACK. So there must be some kind of strange router-burning, VirtualEarth interfering, popcorn-cooking energy coming from the Alder Crest Lane area.

Okay... it was also kinda freaky/stalkerish.

But there is way too much information on the Internet sometimes.


Sean Daniel said...

Yes there is, I don't think I've given enough info for you to me,

Although I'll tell you on both google maps and Virtual Earth, my house doesn't exist yet....