Wednesday, July 06, 2005

19,758 kb!

So, I got my first Cingular Wireless phone bill today. When I signed up for Cingular, I decided to try out the unlimited plan and abuse the data plan. My best efforts landed me with downloading almost 20 mb in one month. Exactly 19, 758KB.

Ok, so how did I abuse my data plan?

  • Synch with email every 5 minutes during peek times

  • Synch with email every 15 minutes during off-peek times

  • Keeping all messages in my inbox on my phone

  • Downloading attachments less than 20kb

So after 1 month, I was able to rack up a total bill of almost 20mb. Not too bad. I probably get a ton of email also...

Now if only I could get my SMS (Text Messages) under control. Lucky I didn't do always-up-to-date, as it sends an SMS message to the phone that the phone swallows to perform a synch. I've heard that if you use always-up-to-date, to be prepared to suck it up on text message billings.