Monday, November 15, 2004

Browsing a Pocket PC versus a SmartPhone

I've been using mobile devices for some time now. I like to do heavy customization, to ensure that the device is mine, and not a cookie cutter view of a graphic designer in building 118. I change the backdrop, the ring tones, the start menu, all to make my life easier so the device is more available to me.

How do you browse a device?

Simply doc it to your workstation, and click Explore on ActiveSync, or open My computer and open Mobile Device.

This is handy to browse the phone and copy files to and from your device. I typically get a picture and size it to the screen size of the device, and use it as my device backdrop.

So what's the key difference?
On the Pocket PC, you can copy files to any location on the device (at least the ones that I've played with), on the SmartPhone, you are limited to your Storage Card or your Storage directory on the phone (IPSM on Smart Phone 02 devices).

This is ok, as the OS will search the entire device for files of the correct format for what you're looking for.

I just wanted to mention it since it caused me some confusion when I was trying to customize my SmartPhone.


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